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Swinton Pharmacy is based just outside the Manchester area. It’s a family run company that has been around since June of 2011. At Swinton Pharmacy we have always had one goal in mind when it comes to our patients, that is to offer them access to our services as well as showing empathy and compassion to those who have been unable to access such services. One thing to know about us is, when it comes to our patients, we always go the extra mile to support and care for them. Our pharmacy was created to help our local community gain access to the medication they are in need of.

At Swinton Pharmacy we create a comfortable environment to establish ourselves as a pharmacy that patients can depend on for their needs. We are all about creating a welcoming environment that our patients can depend on during the difficulties the NHS are currently facing with shortages.

We continue to ensure our standards as a pharmacy remain high followed by our services delivered by our incredible staff. Our services continue to thrive due to our excellent deliveries on prescribing prescriptions for patients followed by our home deliveries for our house bound patients.

We are proud to serve our local community and ensure we continue to provide the highest quality health care. This results in outstanding health of our patients. 

As a local pharmacy based in Manchester, we work closely with local surgeries and GPs in the area.

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Nanu Miah
Director/clinical lead pharmacist
Mohammed Azam
Director/superintendent pharmacist

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