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Blood tests can be vital in identifying various degenerative illnesses depending on the test you take not to mention they you can have blood tests which will provide a snapshot of your overall health.

We understand circumstances can change and you may wish to make an amendment to your booking, best way to do this is to give us a call during opening hours on: 01617278442

Your blood samples are sent to a laboratory in london for testing and you will get the results sent to you via email approximately 2-3 days later.

We can treat some things, but not all. We can schedule a consultation to discuss treatment if they are required

Its not painful by any means, but there can be some discomfort depending on how long the wax has been there and how deep in the ear canal it’s positioned.

Theres no strict timeline for ear cleaning, but if you are prone to getting excessive ear wax, you should schedule a cleaning if you feel your hearing is impaired, of if there is pain in your ears.

Yes, but only if the prescriber determines that you have a bacterial infection that needs treatment with antibiotics. You will not automatically get anything prescribed.

The services in the pharmacy are additional services which are not funded by the NHS. So both the consultation and any subsequent treatment will need to be paid for as private services.

We will refer you to your GP if you need any additional investigations, but we cannot refer you to any specialists directly.

There are a range of tests that can be done at home, but these also need to be sent to the lab. They are quick and easy, and can be done in the privacy of your own home.