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Blood Test for Swinton

Blood tests are used to measure or examine the cells, proteins, chemicals and other substances within the blood. Blood tests are one of the most common types of lab tests. They are often included in a patient check-up to ensure everything is in order. For instance, blood tests are used to:

  • Diagnose certain disease’s and conditions
  • Monitor diabetes or high cholesterol
  • Find out whether a treatment is working as it should
  • Check the functionality of your organs such as your heart, kidneys and thyroid
  • Diagnose any bleeding or clotting with the body
  • Any infections your immune system is struggling to fight

It’s important not to assume that each blood test is the same, there are many different types of blood tests. Such as:

  • Complete blood count (CBC). This test measures different parts of your blood, including red and white blood cells, platelets and haemoglobin. A CBC is often included as part of a regular check-up.
  • Basic metabolic panel. This is a group of tests that measure certain chemicals in your blood, including glucose, calcium and electrolytes.
  • Blood enzyme tests. Enzymes are substances that control chemical reactions in the body. Some blood enzyme tests can discover any heart attacks/ heart muscle damage that you have suffered.
  • Blood tests to check for heart disease: This test includes cholesterol tests and a triglyceride test.
  • Blood clotting tests: These tests can show if you have a disorder that causes too much bleeding or clotting.

When attending your blood test appointment, a health care processional will take a vial of your blood from one of the veins on your arms. This procedure will take but not even a few minutes to complete. This is the most common ways to do a blood test.

When you are going to attend your blood test you don’t need to take any special preparations. For a small percentage of tests, you only need to fast, for instance don’t consume any food or water for several hours before your test. Your health care professional will arrange for the blood test. They will inform you of any instructions you need to follow before attending your appointment.

How long will it take to get your blood test results?

Depending on the urgency regarding your blood test most routine blood tests come back within 48 hours. However, some take around a week. Urgent test results are always actioned on the same day that they are received. If a second blood test is needed from you, you will be contacted directly to arrange for another appointment.

Overall blood tests at Swinton pharmacy will allow us to help you discover the root of your problem. If you are soon to be attending a blood test appointment and are afraid of having your blood test done it’s important you inform us beforehand. This way we will be prepared to help you through your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding our blood test service, get in touch with us today for more information.

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