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Pain Management Service

A pain management service involves a range of clinician’s who specialise in the treatment and management of patient’s suffering with various acute pain or chronic pain. You can benefit from our pain management service if you are experiencing dull aches, acute pain or mild or extreme pain. Even if you feel discomfort in a single area of your body or in a few areas, it’s important to seek medical advice.

This service offers a variety of treatments for people currently struggling to cope with their ongoing pain. At Swinton pharmacy near Manchester we want to help people manage their pain as best as possible. We also ensure all individuals are educated with the knowledge and skills they require to self-manage their pain or current health conditions that are causing them discomfort/pain. People who uses this service will discover ways to help manage and comfort their pain which therefore will result in a better quality of life.

Pain management services

Understanding the cause of your pain whether it’s through an injury, underlying medical condition (such as cancer or arthritis) or a recent surgery you’ve had can enable us to find ways to help you manage your pain.

There a variety of different strategies we can try to help treat your pain. For instance, we can always try some medications to see if they will relieve your pain. In the event that these methods do not ease your pain, we can begin some physical therapies to help you. As part of this strategy, you will engage in forms of exercise that will assist in managing and alleviating your pain in the long run.

Our pain management service can be highly effective for enabling people to seek help for their pain. At Swinton pharmacy near Manchester we have a variety of specialists that can help you regulate and manage your pain. Depending on the severity of your pain, your GP may recommend several or even just one pain management strategy. You may not feel better right away depending on what caused the pain and what treatment you received. It may not be possible to completely eliminate your pain, but working closely with your GP or pharmacy will increase your chances of success.  

If you are interested in using our pain management service you are able to do so by clicking the button provided above.