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Travel Vaccinations

Why do you need your vaccines to travel?

When you travel abroad, you may be exposed to infectious diseases like hepatitis A and yellow fever. This is why it’s important to get your travel vaccinations to stay protected during the duration of your trip.

Ideally, you should book your appointment a few weeks before you travel abroad. This will allow any vaccination’s you receive to become fully effective. If your trip is only a few weeks away and you need your vaccinations to travel, it’s never too late to seek medical advice. At Swinton pharmacy we offer a variation of vaccines to ensure your safe while travelling abroad.

The vaccines you need for your particular trip will depend on your destination, your activities there and the time of year. It’s important to look into what vaccines you need for your trip as each vaccine will require time to develop immunity in your body and some vaccines need to be administered in a number of doses over a several weeks period.

Hepatitis A Hepatitis A requires one single injection. The injection should ideally be scheduled to take place at least 2 weeks before travelling abroad. It will provide you with protection for one year. After that year you will require a booster dose for further immunity. Hepatitis A will protect you from viruses that cause liver disease, as well as any contaminated food or liquids your exposed to.

After receiving the Hepatitis A injection, your skin around the injection site may harden. You will experience soreness or swelling. This is a very common side effect followed by feeling slightly tired and having a slight temperature and a headache. Although everyone who receives the vaccine may experience different side effects.

Hepatitis B – Hepatitis B is a type of hepatitis that causes damage to the liver. Unlike Hepatitis A, this virus is transmitted through bodily fluids such as blood. Hepatitis B can cause a range of flu like symptoms which is what causes damage to the liver. Hepatitis B is given in three doses. The second injection is given four weeks after the first and the third one is given five months later (completing the full course in six months).

If you’re travelling a lot sooner, you may be able to get an accelerated course. You will receive the second injection after seven days, followed by the third injection around 14 days after the second. The side effects to Hepatitis B are similar to hepatitis A.

Anti-Malaria tablets – Malaria is a serious disease that is spread by mosquitoes. If stung a parasite that is carried among the insect is transferred to your blood. If not treated it can be fatal. Malaria can be treated however; this is why prevention is so important when travelling to an area that is high-risk for malaria. If you’re unsure about the pack size you require for the length of your trip it’s important to speak to a health professional regarding anti-Malaria tablets.

Meningitis (Hajj & Umrah – Meningitis is passed from person to person who are in close contact through coughing or sneezing. The meningitis vaccination protects you against infections from A, C, W and Y types of bacteria. If you are traveling to areas that are high risk for meningitis you should aim to get the vaccine at least two weeks before you travel.

We offer meningitis vaccinations for hajj and Umrah. Hajj is the biggest annual pilgrimage in the world, which takes place in the holy lands of Makkah province in Saudi Arabia. Unlike hajj, umrah is a pilgrimage to mecca that can be taken at any date through the year. Visitors to Saudi Arabia will need to produce proof of their vaccination against meningitis.  

Diphtheria, tetanus & polio – If you are traveling to a high-risk area for polio or diphtheria, you may need the polio, diphtheria and tetanus vaccine. You should receive this vaccine 2 weeks before you travel. If you have previously had this vaccine you will need a booster dose. However, if it’s your first dose, you may need several doses. With this vaccine you may experience mild side effects such as soreness at the injection point or feeling unwell.

Yellow fever – Yellow fever is a serious viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes in tropical parts of Africa and south America. It is found in both the jungle and urban environment’s and is particularly common in the rainy season. It’s important that you receive this vaccine 10 days before you travel. There are some side effects that you may have once you’ve had the vaccine such as headaches and soreness in the injected arm.

Typhoid – Typhoid fever is a highly contagious disease that spreads through contaminated food and water. This vaccine requires you to receive two different vaccines. It’s important you receive these vaccines two weeks before you travel. It can also be given to you closer to your travel date however, this leaves you at a higher risk of contracting the disease.

Some side effects include fever and soreness from where you received your injection.

Travel vaccinations

To ensure vaccinations are necessary or recommended to where you’re planning on travelling your able find this information out on these websites:

Some countries require proof of the vaccinations before your allowed to enter the country. For more information regarding our Travel Vaccination service, get in touch with us today.