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Women's Health

Women experience a number of changes throughout their lives. From a young age women go through puberty followed by pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. These factors alone can cause physical and emotional stress on women throughout all stages of their lives.

During the puberty stage the average girl to get their first period is normally around the age of 11. They can start earlier or later than most people think. It usually takes a few years for the body to get regular periods, regardless of the age you started. At this age teenagers begin to experience cramping, moodiness as well as migraines.

Although women in the UK on average live longer than men, women spend a significant proportion of their lives in ill health and disability when compared to men. Not enough emphasis is placed on women-specific issues like miscarriages or menopause. Women’s health are at greater risk when compared to a man’s for a number of diseases and illnesses.

As women age, they are faced with various health concerns that can affect their overall health. For instance, as they enter their early 20s and become more sexually active, STIs become one of the top health concerns. Sexually transmitted infections and pelvic inflammatory become an issue for a woman’s health that can have a lasting effect on their fertility. 

As women begin to enter the middle stages of their lives there is a high risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the number one cause of illnesses among women that can result in death. Many women dismiss symptoms of heart disease as working too hard. While menopause does not cause heart disease, certain risk factors are more common after menopause, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Although diabetes is not exclusive among women, it does increase the risk of heart disease among women. Diabetes amongst women can cause difficulties during pregnancy, including miscarriage and birth defects. Women can lower their risk for type diabetes by maintaining a healthy weight, exercise frequently and avoid smoking all together.

Every year around 56,000 women hear the words “you have breast cancer”. Many health concerns that women face in their lives can be treated in this day and age however, many have to accept and find ways of coping with new health conditions. At Swinton pharmacy near Manchester, we are here to support women’s health concerns that are taking a toll on their quality of life.